Contents ADHD Handbook

‘A child receiving a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often very difficult for the parents and it can be even harder to come to terms with. After what seems to be a lengthy assessment process, that final diagnosis can be met with hurt, anger, disappointment and even self-blame. In my experience, parents often feel scared, vulnerable and very confused and have lots of questions that need to be answered about the assessment process and the results. ‘What is ADHD, how did it start, is it something we did or didn’t do, can it be fixed, how is it fixed, does our child have to take medication, and will he have to take
medication for the rest of his life?’ are just some of the most common questions asked by parents.’

The contents of The ADHD Handbook will answer all these questions and more in a no-nonsense approach.



Chapter 1
Defining attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Chapter 2
The history of ADHD

Chapter 3
The myths and facts of ADHD

Chapter 4
The causes of ADHD

Chapter 5
Diagnosing ADHD

Chapter 6
Co-existing conditions with ADHD

Chapter 7
Medicating ADHD

Chapter 8
Alternative therapies for ADHD

Chapter 9
ADHD sufferers tell their story

Chapter 10
Is adult ADHD real?

Chapter 11
Where to from here?