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Myth Busting ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioural condition you seem to hear about a lot these days. ADHD can raise many questions for parents.
There is a new book out by psychologist Stuart Passmore titled The ADHD Handbook which aims to answer some of these questions.

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Femail_July2014July 7, 2014

Interviews Stuart Passmore about The ADHD Handbook.

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child_logo  July 2014

‘Straight-forward and myth-busting, this book begins with a definition of ADHD, then dives into the history, facts, causes, diagnosis and treatment options for the disorder including medication and alternative therapies. It explores co-existing conditions and the emotional impact of living with ADHD.’

Slim-1Slim Magazine – Winter/Spring 2014

The A to Z of ADHD

‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common and misunderstood childhood disorder. Written in calm, direct and non-judgemental language, The ADHD Handbook, by author and psychologist, Stuart Passmore, is a no-nonsense tool to help families discover what is going on with their children, and how to help them.’


NZ Real Health – review – July 3, 2014


‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is found in 2-5% of children in New Zealand. Although up to three times as many boys are diagnosed with ADHD as girls, it is now suspected the incidence is more like 1:1.

With many myths surrounding ADHD – such as it is caused by sugar or bad parenting – these make ADHD one of the most misunderstood disorders in the world.

Author and psychologist Stuart Passmore says that parents need to understand that ADHD is real, it’s a neurological disorder and it can be treated.’

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The New Daily – July 2014



Education Today NZ – June 1, 2014

Education Today NZ‘With the most up-to-date research from all over the world, this book presents a comprehensive look at ADHD, covering from the causes of ADHD and diagnosing it to medicating and alternative therapies.
The book has a chapter on ADHD sufferers’ experiences, from their point of view as well as facts and myths of ADHD in adults.
Written in a calm, direct and non-judgmental language this is a must-have for any family juggling the maze of ADHD treatments and lost in the jungle of contradictory and confusing messages.’ 



 Good Practice – June 2014

Good Practice-1

‘Stuart Passmore hopes his new book will help clarify some of the misconceptions that surround attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.’

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Mindfood – June 2014

‘Stuart Passmore draws on the latest research to mispell myths and offer parenting techniques to better understand the disorder.’


 The Daily Telegraph – Kidspot – May 2014

The Daily Telegraph - Kidspot May 2014

 Get Ahead Kids – review May 2014


Unity Qld – review May 2014

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6PR Afternoon Show – May 2, 2014

Peter Bell chatted to Stuart Passmore about the ADHD handbook. Listen here

ABC Brisbane, Drive May 6, 2014

Kelly Higgins-Devine talks to Stuart Passmore. Listen here

 ABC South East SA, Drive May, 2014

Stan Thomson talks to Stuart Passmore about the ADHD Handbook. Listen here